removable lining with snacku's original textile.

All of my snacku jackets come with a removable lining.  One of the cool things about living in san Francisco is that we can wear our leather jackets year round because it’s usually a little chilly at some point in the day.  You can zip in the lining if you need to be a little warmer or you can leave it off if there is a remote chance that the sun will come out!!  It’s also a great way to keep the interior leather protected from mishaps.  It’s super easy to remove the lining and throw it in the washing machine!!  Please don’t try that with the jacket!!  Once I realized that I would include the lining with all of my jackets I found that I had a “canvas” on which to create my own unique textile pattern.  And what could be cooler than creating a tableau of my famous cartoon characters?!
During this time that I was designing the detachable lining I was interested in the illustrations of Medieval Christian illuminated texts.  In this tradition monks and scribes illustrated the pages of intricately produced bibles with ornate designs and patterns as a means of expressing their faith and spirituality and so I wanted to incorporate that idea into the linings of my jackets but instead of using symbols familiar to medieval Christianity I substituted the pantheon of characters that I have created over the years to represent my friends and family.  I wanted to celebrate these great pieces of art made by these unknown devotees but infuse them with my own individual symbols.  One night I began to imagine what it must have been like to be a scribe in the Middle Ages laboring by flickering candlelight over a giant dusty tome in a tiny monk’s chamber in a remote castle.  I drank another glass of wine and in my mind my studio was transformed!!  My sewing machine was gone, replaced by a scribe’s desk towering on spindly wooden legs and there I sat wrapped in a coarse cloak on a crooked stool hunched over a strange illuminated text, quill and ink pot sitting in the glow of the candle, and the chilly air of night blowing through the open portal of this strange tower room I was trapped in!!!  A terrible shadow crept up behind me, I heard a scary growling sound.  So frightened I was that I leapt up turning to see what terrible creature had escaped from the deepest recesses of the castle’s dungeon and in the process I sent my manuscript and papers flying in chaos around the room!  I prepared to meet my fate.
As it turned out it was just my husband coming home from work.  I suddenly remembered where I was.  All I had managed to do was throw my patterns on the floor and almost topple over my glass of wine.  As usual he was looking for pizza.  I decided to develop the theme of the characters on my linings to commemorate his devotion to God’s greatest creation: the pizza.  My character for him has always been a caveman because he spills food on himself, sleeps on the floors some nights, knocks things over, and forgets to wear pants when he goes out in the backyard sometimes.  So this first edition of my jackets has the awesome story of Saint Caveman illustrated on the lining.  This will be a collector’s item I bet!  Most of the symbols are pizzas so you may get hungry when you wear this jacket.  Caveman’s pizza halo may inspire a new religion.