Boys Don't Cry

My husband “Caveman” had been having a rough couple of weeks at that time.
He was haunted by tiny little bad luck from one after another. You know one of those days.
You work hard everyday but some bad luck somehow keeps following you around and
your life looks a bit unfair.
It would be easy for us to get mad in that kind of situation but he didn’t.
He just laughed about it. But I, Squirrel, knew he was hiding his tears in his eyes and
the lyric of the song “Boys don’t cry” by The Cure came to mind...
”cause boys don’t cry”
and I started drawing a cartoon.

The cartoon on the cover is the one. This is the beginning of the collection.

This collection is dedicated to my husband, Caveman, who always laughs, makes people laugh,
sings songs loud, and cooks lots of yummy food for people.
He’s a good man.