Even if it's a small step as a hobbit's.

I've been obsessed with "The Hobbit" these days.  I don't know why it had to be now but I read the book, watched the movies again and again, and researched Tolkien's life, his artworks, trivia, checking the middle-earth map so many times, etc. etc.  I would probably start speaking Elvish soon..."Suilad!"   
After the researches over researches, I finally start realizing why it had to be now.  It was when I started thinking about what made him write these stories in the first place.  It is said that the fear of raising power of fascism back then, the sense of urgency to the power would be definitely behind the stories and hey,  that's what exactly we are sensing right now and I've been also bothered by the anxiety of being powerless "Agh...how tiny existence I am."  That's why how far the tiny hobbit made with his friends just simply encourages me.  

While working on the new cartoon print design inspired by the story, I researched trees which are in danger of extinction and drew them with the characters because I loved the tree monsters in the stories.  Check out what the caveman and the squirrel are drawn as this time.  Can you find your favorite characters? 

Lastly  5% of sales of the jackets with this forest cartoon lining will be donated to
Conservation International.   This could be just a small step like the hobbit's but remember each small step lead us to a great journey.   

Hope you like this lining and I can save lots of trees. 
The privilege of being an artist is that, through our artworks, we can join acts to make our lives better.  Even if it is tiny like this project, I will keep trying whatever I can do.