Miniature -Saint Caveman Collection-

 I accidentally had a chance to see a tiny art called illuminated manuscript. (I don't even remember how I ended up in finding these)  I was immediately attracted and found myself taking long time just staring at them one after another.  And so many questions came up one after another.  Who did draw these precise pictures?  How long did it take for them to finish one?  How many did they have to hand write/draw?  But not so many resource to answer these questions.  Then the pictures themselves started talking to me and dragged me to a tale of an old medieval castle.....I (Squirrel) am wearing a long dark brown robe with a hood holding a candle and walking up a long and long and narrow steps in the old medieval castle...It is dark...dark and alone....Then suddenly!
A monster comes up to the squirrel!!! It almost attacks and eats the squirrel!!!
Then she yells at the monster...
"Squirrel, may I have a pizza??"
.....yes, they are the caveman and squirrel in the medieval version. the squirrel's job is making a copy of the bible by hand in the dark castle....It sounds like a kind of a sad job but don't worry, the caveman and squirrel have a good time in the old castle and loved this dark but cozy old castle/temple just like they love their tiny nest now. They sometimes even clime up on the roof and look down the city and people, having pizza and making some funny jokes...They are the dark heroes.
Anyway, I started collecting the images and researching the meaning of them and while I was watching the pictures, the word "devotion" came up to me. It might be the most happiest and also the saddest thing to give up individuality (ego) to devote their lives to the god or whatever the supreme thing that they believe in. 
What a sad purity and a melancholic relief...and this might be why I  was fascinated by the art so much.
Finally, creating this Saint Caveman Collection, which is Snacku's very 1st collection, was just like nothing but a devotion.  You can see the squirrel's struggle and the process to create the collection from below links.