Made to fit


It's time to get a comfortable leather jacket fitted nicely just for you.  Let Snacku help you for that!  Please feel free to make an free consultation and measuring from below booking app. 

 *We charge 40% for full customizing, 30% for body width, 20% for body length, no charge for sleeve length.

If you need full customizing, here's the process.
Step 1: Pick your favorite style in our online shop catalog.
Step 2: Visit squirrel's San Francisco office and have your measurements taken.
Step 3: Return for your first fitting.
Step 4: Return for your second fitting. 
Step 5: A perfet custom jacket will arrive by mail in 1 - 2 months!
              (Depending on the current length of our waiting list)

Click to book a free consultation. 
Online scheduling

Still not sure and want to contact the squirrel before making an appointment? Sure.  Please contact from our contact form.
*Please note  Items ordered with custom fit are not eligible for return or exchange.