F/W 14 Saint Caveman Colleciton - Devotion -

So far, so good!  The patterns were done!  The embroidery samples looked cute!  The organic fabric I got was great!
I just needed to tell them where to embroider on the pants and the jacket and I didn't know this part would be the most pain in the ass part at this moment!!
Printing out st. caveman and his fellows....
What I had to do was to put the creatures on the patterns.  Each pants has front and back.  The jacket is more complicated..it has front and back, then side panels, collar and 2 pieces of sleeves. 
Laying out the characters and wiping them off and starting it over,  I repeated this routine like a hundred times.  sometimes I went back to my computer and even changed the colors and the sizes of the details.    A lot of researches of woven patterns helped me.  I was even checking embroideries on curtains I could see from a cab without noticing.  Brain storming!!
Once I could figure out the trick to make it look good, the rest went smooth.  It's always like this.  It takes long time to figure out the trick but once we figured it out, everything goes so smooth and quick.  It's hard at the beginning but we should not give up there.  Just keep struggling and getting some hints from everywhere and eventually we see the tinny light at the end of the tunnel and once we can see the light the exit is so close!  This is squirrel's wisdom. :oB
Anyway, this small fight with tiny creatures took me for a week...
In other words, I must have been experiencing the same feeling as the people who did that illuminated manuscript in the medieval era.  I was experiencing the "devotion" I sensed from their works...
(I know.  I hear you are saying mine is a lil more easier comparing with their works...but still check the pics down here!)
↓ I put the characters on the samples and check the position of the characters...
then lay them out on the patterns.
jacket pieces...
Piles of the patterns.


It was hell of a work. 


I sent out the patterns and fabric and waited for 2 weeks or so...then they sent me this picture to let me check if it was OK to go ahead.



These are all done by hand. 

This IS a real devotion. 


Sadly, in this capitalist modern life, the devotion must be for money...Still, we could call it the devotion for art but you know, we are the generation after Andy Warhol...we all know there's no such devotion motivated by one pure love.  But it is too sad to say it out loud here in the squirrel's blog, so let's just say this is a pure love to "PIZZA"!! 

St. caveman would definitely say that!

The trial embroidery looked great and I told them to go ahead. 

After 1 month or so,

One sunny Monday afternoon, I got a package from India.


In the package.... here you go!





They wrapped each pieces in this thin soft papers.  They even smelled foreign county smell! ha ha!  Both Caveman and I smiled and even laugh out loud when we saw the st. caveman through this thin paper.




The jacket back.




The next step is sending these embroidered parts of jacket and pants out to a seamstress who has 20 year experience.


The good thing is the sewing factory she is working at is close by the leather wholesale place where I always get leathers from.  So I took Muni train and Bart and walked down to the sewing factory.  This part is the best I like.  My works are done by the squirrel actually walking around in San Francisco. 


Waited for another 1 month...and these are what I got.


It is super duper wide but I carefully chose the interfacing so it has a crispy shape, which I wanted to get!
The rabbit pants with my new jacket!
The first outfit is finally done.
cute, huh?
 Even inside looks great! 
The jacket!
There was nothing but an idea first and I made it from the scratch.  No one knows if it goes well or fails. No guide book, of course.  And I got this result.  How cool this whole thing I am fascinated with is!