F/W 14 Saint Caveman Collection -Humor-

Humor is the most important thing in my life.

One of my favorite designers, Henri Cuir once said "I like to give my creations names. All the names have a sense of humor, which I think is quite quintessential to my label.”  I think the god or whoever created us must have the same thought.  When he makes us one by one he gives us a name and a sense of humor...otherwise how could  I  explain the reason why we look so funky and funny,,, I'm not a spiritual person at all but to think like this way always makes a sense to me.  Why do all the other animals look pretty even covered with fluffy furs and feathers, (and the colors!!) but we.  We only have furs on the top of our head.  Other animals must be saying  "Hey, look at those creatures...they must be a kind of monkeys or gorillas or, could be vultures, but what the hell is the furs on the top?? and they even look like they always care about those...did you know sometimes they even put the fake ones on the top??"   crazy isn't it...  and for some reason we have furs around the crotches, too.  Moreover only the females even shave those furs sometimes.  The toe fingers are hilarious, too.  Why do we have these hideous bumps like mushrooms on the tips of our feet?   I prefer and adore paws.  The funniest thing of the human being is darker colored ones and pale ones look somewhat awkward when they are around.

Must be a really sad thing to see these humorous creatures are fighting and killing each other.  It's kinda understandable if we are made beautifully, you know..., like maybe we can say "oh well, we are beautiful creatures with a sad nature"... "decadent" i would call it,  but we are not such beautiful animals.    It is like the "gnomes" are killing each other...It IS a real "tragedy" to see we the funky lookin' creatures are seriously fighting and brutally killing each other.
Anyway, Do you remember i told you guys about my inspiration?  the medieval manuscript?
At that time I didn't have a brand label yet.  And I wanted to make something very funny and somewhat intricate.   So the squirrel started drawing her own illuminated manuscript..."st. caveman and his fellows."
The research of meaning of the color in medieval era helped me a lot to decide the colors i should use.
St. caveman should be white to express his "pure" love toward (of course) "pizza".  

We can also find a lot of red and blue in the medieval art.  As far as i researched online, it looks like the colors have various meanings (many people declare in many ways.) so i cant say definitely what the red and blue mean but some say the red means power and blue means hope and light...something like that  Then started creating some symbols.  and i put those colors on the symbols which i think represent the meanings.   And the most important symbol is of course, PIZZA.   For us, Pizza is a subliminal existence...so i  created pepperoni pizza flowers (figure 1), pepperoni pizza halo behind the saint caveman (figure 2).  scattered pizza slices everywhere...the stage saint caveman is standing at is creating a very beautiful geometrical shape by combining pizza slices. (figure 2) (heee--heee--i think i'm sick.)  

(figure 1)

(figure 2)

Then i added chickens behind St. caveman.  There are two chicken ghosts at our nest, i will tell you this story later, and so we love chickens.  I added Rising Roosters as St caveman's guardian angels....
Then, started drawing his fellows....squirrel, hedgehog, sea lion, acorn bug, lew the loch lew monster.... (figure 3, 4)

(figure 3)

 i even made letters using a medieval font.... (figure 5)   
(figure 5)

(figure 4)


This is the whole image.


Then I sent out this image to a tag maker.

This is the company i sent out my image to.  They are super nice fellows!  Quick and accurate! 


Not so long later, they sent me back this image...and you don't know how much Caveman and I got excited.  I replied them to go ahead and make bunch of them....



So now i got bunch of them to put on the back neck of my jackets...my friend told me "your jacket got completed with this brand label!!"  I guess she is right....i love my brand label and this is the whole story of the birth of my brand label. 


Hope people see the concept behind my works through this label, which is humor.

 And at that moment i still had no idea i would use this idea for my whole next collection...
to be continued.