Episode of the Cure ghost.

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So while I was drawing the “Boys Don’t Cry” cartoon, of course I was playing the Cure songs. Once I started listening to their songs, they immediately brought me back to my high school days.
As many of you guys out there (I hope), I was one of the weird kids (aka “future rock stars” I would say), my high school life was boring. Their songs got me through those boring days back then. Even after the 2 decades, their songs are still fresh and somewhat soothing. It didn't take long before I found myself obsessed with their songs again and also noticed some strange thing happened every time I listen to their songs.

One Sunday afternoon I was playing some other band but changed my mind and went back to the Cure and played their old album. I still remember that was “Pornography”. Then I noticed some reflection of light started swinging all over my studio. I looked around to try to find the source and found my tiny tin bird objet hanging from the ceiling right above my head was swinging. It was a sunny and warm morning but there was no window opened. My neighbor who used to live in our nest often tells us there’s a ghost in our nest. So I told her this story and she confessed that she used to be obsessed with the Cure and played their songs again and again at exactly the same spot I usually play the songs. We got a firm conclusion that the ghost must be a big fan of the Cure and laughed!!!

Another Sunday afternoon, I was taking a little nap. I laid on the bed and was about to fell asleep and, suddenly, my body felt like it got tied down to the bed and someone’s foot steps came up to the door of our bedroom.

I couldn't move my body but tried so hard to open my eyes to see where the foot steps stopped. I still remember the huge black messy hair just like Robert Smith and Simon Gallup in the 80’s in my blurry vision. The guy with the big hair n the blurry vision said “Get up, girl! You gotta get back to work!!” and I replied him “Hey, you don't have that cute British accent they have. Who the hell are you??” and I suddenly woke up and that’s it....I made my mind. I gotta make a Cure collection with this ghost!!!

Thus “The strange days” of the squirrel and the cure ghost started. He worked with me as a supervisor on design. Sometimes he helped me with unexpected idea and effect on my print design etc.
Maybe some stitches on your jackets were sewn by him...
Enjoy the baggy fit/dropped shoulder jackets with kimono collar inspired by the jackets they used to wear in the 80’s. And of course! The simple white shirts!
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