snacku hobo symbols

Do you guys know what "hobo symbols" are?   Hobos left some symbols to share useful information for other hobos such as "kind lady lives here. ask food!" "doctor is here!".  It was just so fun for me to watch those symbols and find out a meaning that each symbol has.  In those symbols, i came across a symbol of 2 crossing circles, which means "Don't give up!".  It is interesting to know that hobos were trying to encourage and help someone who they never seen but someone who definitely could be in the same situation as them.   So I decided to create my own hobo symbols to encourage other "hobos" out there who I never seen but are definitely like me...      
Each jacket has it's own name and symbols and also in the previous collection, I think you remember the caveman was in there as "Saint Caveman".  This time you can see the caveman again as one of the symbols.  Check out what the caveman sign means.

Thank you for reading.  ------ squirrel :oB