A little thought about the statue of liberty

A night before the flight to New York, my vintage necklace with the Saint Christopher medal got broken.  Saint Christopher is known as a patron saint of travelers so I got kind of shocked with the thought that if this would be a bad luck.  Moreover, I had never taken this necklace off for almost 10 years even while I'm sleeping or taking a shower, so it was a bit of heartbreaking to me.   Then my husband, Caveman told me if I put St. Christopher in my wallet and carried him around, he would be probably still effective.  I was impressed to know there was such a convenient system going on and so I put him in my wallet.  The next day, the day to head to New York by myself for the Renegade Craft, I had found myself stuck at the airport for 5 hours because of a technical problem. When it past 5:00 pm, I finally started being afraid that the flight would get canceled and there would be no flight to New York the night.  Or even if it flies, what's if the technical problem recurs during the flight?  I asked Saint Christopher what I should do but no answer.   Then finally they announced they would change the aircraft and fly! Thank god.  Saint Christopher was still working for me and he actually worked so hard for me during this whole trip.   Every time I was in trouble some help reached out to me.
Anyways,  the flight was very smooth but by the time I got there in Newark Airport, it was already close to 4 am.  There was no traffic on the freeway and it was so quiet.  The moon was floating very low in the cold early morning air. I sat back in the back seat of Uber and was watching the view then noticed the statue of liberty standing very far.  I straightened my body to get close to the window to see her well.  It was her! I stared at her tiny tiny back view with a bit of excitement since it was actually my very first time to see her. Her back looked slightely sad because of what happened on the Tuesday of the week but still she was very beautiful.
The day has come after the struggle to get some sleep in the noise the radiator heater in the hotel started making at 5 am.  I only slept 2 hours or so but the Day 1 started off with a great sales.
 Day 2 got a bit slower but after all I ended up in selling more than the last year, which was a great result.  After the show, my legs were so sore and painful but I ran to a small liquor store close by the hotel to get a bottle of wine to cerebrate the success by myself in the hotel room and on the way back, I realized I hadn't eaten at all for 2 days so decided to stop by a tiny Belgian restaurant next to the hotel.  It was about the same time that a glass of wine was served and Adel's "chasing pavement" started playing. As you know the lyric goes "should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavement?"  
Making a collection sometimes makes me feel like the lyric of this song.  There is no option that I give up but there is definitely a moment that I feel like I am just chasing pavement. Also if I quit no one really cares. But meeting so many people who respect and appreciate what I do during this show made me realize I wasn't really just chasing pavement.  My hard work was rewarded. I was so relieved and feeling the wine going down slowly through my throat with a feeling of content and I suddenly remembered the tiny back view of the statue of liberty standing quietly by herself in the darkness of early morning, which I saw on the freeway. So I posted on my face book like this... "Her back view looked a bit sad because of the Tuesday but it was so quiet and she was so beautiful". Then the next morning what I found as a reply to my post made me cry.  It was from our good old friend Jesse.
"She's been there for a lot of people to see how great this country is. You are one of those people that makes us great. She's a representation of what you have gone through to be a part of the American fabric. You inspire people every day and you are the true representation of what it is to be American. You are the living embodiment of what lady liberty represents. Keep it up. You are important. "
I had been a bit traumatized by what Trump said so this comment encouraged me a lot and brought me such a relief.  I actually even shed tears in the hotel room.  It also reminds us of the original concept/the goal which has been set since the United States was built onece again.
Through this trip I could meet many people who appreciate what I do and not only that, this trip also reminded me of my friends I've made here in the United States.  The friend who gives me the comment like this, the friend who came to my booth two days in row to check if I was doing OK (Thanks, Joe!), and my co-workers who surrounded me to tell me "welcome back" and give me hugs....etc etc.  Caveman's dad texted me to tell me "remember we are closer to you in case you are scared by yourself in New York" the night before the trip.  And of course, my awesome husband, Caveman.  (I missed him so much this time again)  
I am settling down on this land, building my life here and cherish my vision with these warm friendships.  I sometimes become too cynical toward my life and people but I feel like Saint Christopher was trying to tell me, through this trip, "hey, don't forget you are having such a fun adventure of your life filled with your friends!"  Thanks guys for being there, my friends.  You guys are nothing but the greatest asset of my life.  
---- Squirrel. :oB

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