Autumn Pop Up ended in great success!

My focus was more like the craft show in New York so this pop up event was, to be honest, just one of those tiny pop up events for me. I prepared as much as possible tho for the other designers.  7 San Francisco/Bay area based designers and 1 artist (Ali does great illustrations) joined this event and all these designers (including me) are female  entrepreneurs.  Most of our manufacture line are also local.   Needless to say, they are very talented and their designs are amazing.  They are my good friends as well except Joanne from Mute.  I stalked her to get her in this event.  (and I succeed!  haha!)  
What a great group of designers! This event needs to success.  So I back and forth the venue a couple of times, contacting the manager and event manager of the gallery so many times for floor plan such as "hows the lighting goes? " "may I use your projector? expensive? then may i bring mine?" Sending buyers and press our press release etc etc etc....and after all it turned out to be a great success. the gallery was packed. but it wasn't accomplished without the fellow designers' help. the best part is that we ended up in becoming good friends who share some good will... and yeah, I feel like this pop up event journey finally ended today..... with this donation thing. It might be just a small help or not even counted as help, but we just wanted to do this. Something good through whatever we do. Snacku donated 10% of the sales from the autumn pop up to Vincent academy to support their art programs. Art has been always there since I was a kid. Drawing silly cartoons, listening my favorite bands, dancing like crazy! Singing songs from my/your heart. Doesn't need to be good. I believe art is not just for chosen ones. Art is for everybody. And it definitely gives you the wisdom to figure out what is right and what's not. and gives you the strength to let you do what you think is right and make your life thoughtful, insightful and colorful! That's why this project was very meaningful to me. Lastly thank you so much Dahae for sharing this project with us. Thanks to all designers. you guys are awesome.  Thanks to 111 Minna Gallery...Michelle and Jen are very sweet and professional.  For more detailed info about the school. Please click Vincent Academy Web 

Everybody ended up in getting the Snacku jackets!
Me, Carla, Ali and Dahae.  Chilling after setting up.  Right before it gets crazy!