Story behind: Expedition

There's a story behind this time again in my print design for the jacket lining. 
It was around the beginning of the last year, for some reason,  I was so obsessed with sad stories of mountaineers who perished in the high mountains. I read articles and watched documentary films and movies every night from one after another, from old ones to new ones.  Those were horrifying.   Every time I read or watched the stories, I tippy-toed through the dark hallway to our bedroom and slipped into the warm bed that my husband Caveman was sleeping and he rolls over towards me and wraps me around with his big warm arms in his sleep and I felt a huge relief.  
I don't really climb mountains but sometimes feel like making a collection is just like climbing mountains. It's physically and mentally tough.  Once I start climbing the mountain, I have to fight by myself. Even Caveman can’t come rescue me once I get lost in the death zone.  
I don’t even know why I do this to myself but
you know those rushing feelings that we are not sure where it comes from.

Once you have it, you gotta keep going.  You gotta make it happen.  
Just like the tiny silhouettes of expeditions I found in the archive of vintage images of the climbers.

Because your life is an expedition.
The lining is available in the Basics.