What's new, Snacku?

sneak peek the SNACKU'S new collection!

The squirrel just had a photo shoot for her new collection "Boys don't cry".  This collection is inspired by the song "Boys Don't Cry" by The Cure.  Here are some sneak peaks from the photo shoot!  So excited to show you the new leather jackets. She is now drawing some fun cartoons about the episode of "the cure ghost" who's living in their nest. You will see how this collection was born. Stay tuned! :oB
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click below coat to view more images
click below coat to view more images
click below jacket to view more images
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SNACKU + Kathryn McCarron Holiday pop up store!

The trunk show was great success! :oI
Thank you so much for coming to the trunk show and also I'd like to thank my friend designer Kathryn McCrron  to have the trunk show together.  She showed the sweaters from her fall/winter 2015 and also her coming spring/summer collection.  You guys gotta check her collections out!  I am going to get the flower pattern sweater in her new collection.  here's her website.  http://kathrynmccarron.bigcartel.com/
Also we have to say thank you to Caveman!   Foods are courtesy of Caffe Delluchi, where the caveman is a chef at.
Kathtyn took this picture below.    
Gorgonzola polenta with fig and also bacon crab mushroom and caprese skewers.  They were super yummy!  
Here's the website of the restaurant.  Their brunch menu is good and they have different menu at dinner time.  You should try both because both are great! 
Kathryn in the bomer.  she said she usually wear black but this brown is not bad! yip this hickory color is so hard to find.
Ash is trying on the Niita jacket.  The trick to wear the jackets cute is rolling up the sleeve and show the stripe lining and also the sweaters and shirts underneath the jacket.
knife rolls!
after the long day, chilling on the floor having some vino! 
Also thank you so much for the great space, David!
Great thanks to Fabiola from Peer Space!  Hey artist friends, if you need to book some space to show your artwork, get the app "PeerSpace". They are sharing so many spaces in your budget and hour.  (she pulled off the niita jacket AMAZINGLY!!!) 
Thank you for reading --- squirrel :oB
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